"Fantasy mixed with technique and excellent product selection make Daniela a Chef overwhelming. Reliable, professional and prepared is at the same time a lively mind that puts the same care in preparation as in the presentation of its dishes, which become paintings. A triumph of flavors and colors that are never the same, but they always guarantee a success when you rely on the preparation of an event. Human qualities add pleasure to the whole, Daniela is also a guarantee from the point of view of interpersonal relationships. Always willing to share secrets and advice with those who, stunned by their dishes, mistakenly think that they can match it. I am one of these "

Eleonora Costa

Head of Marketing & Digital


I make for the Endemol two Christmas lunch for 90 people.

"Absolutely loved it. Amazing food and charismatic chef."

Claudia Lotti


 I make for her some dinner gourmet and her son communion

"Daniela is an excellent chef who can interpret the needs of his clients passionately. He is very skilled in combining the flavors of tradition with the contemporary of his dishes. Use excellent materials and pay particular attention to the flow rate. Genius chef, great worker, great character, Daniela has accompanied us in everyday life in important moments of our work and in life's lives, always offering us a service that meets our expectations. Highly" recommended !!!


Samantha is one of my first that belive in me when I start with the personal Chef job, after the restaurant. At her house I meet and cook for few celebrity like J Bastianich

I already make for her 15 dinner in Rome.

"Given my fondness for 1st class food both in taste and presentation and my lack of time and ability to reach those high standards Daniela was my missing tassel. I am delighted that she has now permanently settled in London.She has already overseen and cooked for parties and dinners with exciting menus and excellent execution. I couldn't recommend her enough."

Francesca Sedati

Account Director

Thomson Reuters

I already make for Francesca in London 6 partys